Month: January 2018

What happens when the Baby’s finally here

The Baby’s here! That moment you’ve been waiting all those months finally happened! Your hormones are in fifth gear now so cry if you want. I used to bawl and feel so much better afterward. Read more…

Review: Stride Rite Soft Motion Constance Boot

A quick review on these adorable toddler fashion boots and how you can maintain them. After all when you spend the moula, you gotta know how to make these babies last a while.

Toddler: The Guru of Diversion

Oh the conversations with a toddler seem more like an act of negotiation that you know you will lose.

5 tricks that actually make you want to travel WITH a Toddler !

*This post contains some affiliate links* 2017 was the year of travel for myself and my toddler. We were literally on a plane every month, sometimes even twice or thrice a month. So there is Read more…

Yummy recipes for picky eaters

It’s exhausting cooking these intricate recipes of food that’s supposed to be great for your toddler, only to have them spit it out. Not to mention the constant clean up. Ugh. My picky eater does Read more…